Residence Permit to Learn Norwegian (Skilled Workers)

If you are a skilled worker, you can be granted a residence permit to study Norwegian for a total of one year. You can be granted such a permit even if the purpose of the stay is to find employment in Norway. During your stay, you may work part-time in Norway.

To qualify, you need to be a a skilled worker and your aim must be to study Norwegian.

For more information about this kind of permit, please click here.

NB: To be granted a Residence Permit to Work (after having acquired a sufficient level of Norwegian), applicants must have obtained a job that corresponds to their education, e.g. nursing or engineering. It is not possible to get a Residence Permit to Work as an unskilled worker such as a 'Barista', Waiter, Cleaner, etc.


Applications must be registered on the Application Portal. This may be done by a Sponsor (in Norway) or the Applicant (Filipino citizen). On the Portal one fills in the application form (choose 'study' rather than 'work'), pays the visa fee and books an appointment at the Embassy for the applicant to submit his / her supporting documents (see below) and attend an interview. (To be submitted at the Embassy during the interview).

List of supporting documents - Click here to download.

Additional Information:

One passport photo must be be glued on the Cover Letter. It should be less than six months old, with white background and must not be airbrushed or 'Photoshopped'.

PRC License (plus photocopy) - if applicable

Application Fee - Please refer to Table of Fees.

Please note that all copies must be of good quality and have a good contrast. Unclear copies may lead to delays.

Exit Clearance in the Philippines:

For information about exit clearance in the Philippines, please see: and  


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