Processing Time

The stipulated case processing time is advisory. This means that some cases may take longer while others take less time.


Type of Application

Processing Time

Schengen Visa (decided by Embassy)


2-5 working Days



Schengen Visa sent to Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI)


1 month   


Schengen Visa sent to Denmark


Schengen Visa applications with travels to Greenland/Faroe Islands will be sent to Denmark


30 to 60 working days upon receipt of the Danish Immigration Service (DIS)


6 weeks

Schengen Visa sent to Consular Office of Finland


15 to 30 working days


Schengen Visa sent to

Embassy of Estonia in Beijing

 30 working days

Please visit the website of  Embassy of Estonia in Beijing


Schengen Visa sent to Iceland

 30 working days

Please visit the website of Icelandic Directorate of Immigration (UTL)

Schengen Visa sent to Swedish Migration Board


15 to 30 working days

Please visit the website of Swedish Migration Board


Residence Permit - Family Immigration  (Norway)


6 months (UDI)



Residence Permit to Study Norwegian Language (Skilled Worker)


4 months (UDI)


Au Pairs (Norway)


4 months (UDI)


Work Permit (Norway)


1 month (UDI)


Family Immigration (Denmark)


3 months (DIS)


Au Pairs (Denmark)


 5 months (DIS)



















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