Photo: House of the Heroes.Photo: House of the Heroes

Hip-hop artist makes video from Manila

The up-and-coming Norwegian rapper, Son of Light, has recorded his latest music video in Manila. Watch it here, and read about his experience in the Philippines.

The artist Son of Light has made great success in Norway with his latest album War of the Words. On the album is the song Get Yours, which had its music video recorded in Manila last year.














The video was recorded spontaneously, Son of Light says.

-We just went out in the city and started playing music. Suddenly there were almost a hundred children around us and we just danced and joked around. It was awesome.

The rapper originally came to the Philippines to visit the children's home House of the Heroes, run by a Norwegian – English couple in Quezon City.

 -We came to Manila to see the children’s home and to record a video for the organization. My producers Tommy Tee and director Niim the Dream travelled with me, and we decided also to do the video for Get Yours, he says.

The Norwegian hip-hop artists were overwhelmed by their experiences in the Philippine capital.

-People are fantastic. Many have got almost nothing, but still they are so generous. When we walked down the street everyone greeted us with smiles and helloes. It was not like anything we have experienced before.

Son of Light hopes his music was able to bring something positive to the lives of the street children.

 -We played two concerts that gathered a lot of young people. Music can be unifying, - the last thing these kids need is people who just feel sorry for them, they need to be included in something.

He is still in contact with the children’s home, and hopes to be able to return to Manila one day.

Son of Light is nominated in the category for best hip-hop album in Norway’s most important music award, Spellemannprisen.

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