Greetings from the Ambassador

Welcome to the website of the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Manila.

Taking into account the mission of our embassy – To further develop and strengthen the relations between Norway and the Philippines, and to promote and protect Norwegian interests, such as providing assistance to Norwegian citizens or to business – I am happy to note that we are on the right track. The trade figures show a positive trend, cooperation, both multilaterally and bilaterally, is expanding, and the number of our respective nationals living in or visiting each other’s country increases year by year.

Since long there has been a strong Norwegian interest and presence in South East Asia, and now we clearly see the Philippines as a more important part of this – not least in the economic field, where more sectors than the maritime are discovering Filipino business opportunities. On the political side the relations are strengthened, and we are still involved in the Filipino peace processes, thus assisting in the important work to obtain and ensure peace in this country.

Also on the Filipino side do we see a positive trend with more focus on Norway. The only “Nordic” embassy the Philippines now has is the one in Oslo, which actively promotes further bilateral activities, looks at new opportunities for skilled Filipino workers, and last but not least takes care of the already existing Filipino community. In addition, a Filipino trade mission has just visited Norway – a clear proof that there are commercial interests both ways!

A precondition for accomplishments in that and other sectors is more awareness and knowledge. That starts with providing information, and that is one of the objectives of our Embassy website. Here you will find general information about Norway and bilateral cooperation between Norway and the Philippines. Our website provides links to Norwegian news media and to other web-sites with information about Norway and the Philippines. There is also useful information about consular affairs (such as passports), visa matters, maritime certificates, and so on, as well as general information for the Norwegian community in the Philippines.

We hope you will find what you are looking for on our website. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have further inquiries or suggestions.

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