The purpose of the au pair scheme is cultural exchange. As au pairs, young people can improve their language skills and knowledge of Norway and Norwegian society by living with a Norwegian family. In return, the au pair performs services such as light housework and child care for the host family. Being an au-pair is not the same as being a nanny or a maid.

Please note the following:

  1. The information below only covers au-pairs to Norway.  For information about au-pairs to Denmark, please click here.
  2. There will be changes in the au-pair scheme this spring. For more information, please click here.
  3. Philippine Authorities require Exit Permits from their Citizens. For more information, please contact the CFO or the Philippine Embassy in Oslo.

Length of Permit

Residence Permits for Au-Pairs may be granted for up to two years. However, it will not be granted for more than the applicant applies for, or the validity of the contract.


The applicant must be between 18 and 30 years of age at the time of application. (The application must be submitted before the applicant’s 30th birthday).

Applicant cannot have children. (New rule for Au-Pairs in Norway as of July 1, 2012)

It must be considered likely that the applicant will return to his / her country of residence after the Permit expires. The situation in the applicant’s country of residence must also be considered to be of a nature that the applicant may return.

Problems or concerns whilst in Norway

Applicants that are experiencing problems or have any concerns when they are in Norway, should contact the Philippine Embassy in Oslo for advice.

The Au-Pair may change host family if desirable. 

Rights and obligations of the Au-Pair

  • The Au-pair must not work more than 5 hours per day and no more than maximum 30 hours per week, not even for extra pay.
  • The Au-pair shall carry out light housework and look after children and / or animals.
  • The Au-Pair must have the possibility to participate in leisure activities and attend a Norwegian Language Course.
  • The Host Family must pay for a Norwegian Language Course for at least NOK 7500,-
  • The Host Family shall pay for the return ticket to the home country
  • The Au-Pair is entitled to NOK 5000,- (before tax) per month in pocket money.
  • The Au-Pair is entitled to 25 days holiday pr year. If the Au-Pair’s contract commences after 30th September, the Au-Pair is entitled to 6 days holiday.


Applications must be registered on the Application Portal. This may be done by the Sponsor (Host Family) or the Applicant. On the Portal one fills in the application form, pays the visa fee and books an appointment at the Embassy for the applicant to submit his / her supporting documents (see below) and attend an interview.

Please note that all copies must be of good quality and have a good contrast. Unclear copies may lead to delays.

List of Supporting Documents (To be submitted at the Embassy). Please submit one good quality copy of all the required documents.

  1. Cover Letter (to be printed from the Application Portal after booking an appointment)
  2. One Passport size picture glued on to the Cover Letter (NB: No staples). The picture must be less than six months old, have a white background and must not be airbrushed or ‘Photoshopped’. For more information click here 
  3. Standard Contract for Au-Pairs (to be signed by applicant and host family). To download the form, please click here. (NB: New as of 1st July 2012).
  4. Copy of the passports of the host family (adults) to document their nationality (ies). Only a copy of the biodata page(s) is necessary.
  5. The applicant’s passport. Copies must be submitted of all the pages with biodata, visas and stamps. Copies of blank pages should not be submitted.
  6. One passport photograph. The picture must be less than six months old and have a white background.
  7. Application fee: NOK 2500,- payable on the Application Portal.
  8. If the host family only consists of only one adult, his / her percentage of care for the child / children must be documented
  9. If the applicant wishes to give the host family Power of Attorney(the host family will be notified of the decision instead of the applicant, the host family may be contacted if their Directorate of Immigration or the Embassy has any questions, etc), this form must be submitted with the application.

For information about the application procedure, processing times, follow-ups, etc, please click here.

Content of permit

  • The UDI will grant a residence permit to an au pair for up to two years.
  • The duration of the permit will not exceed the period the applicant applied for or the validity of the contract.
  • You can only be granted a permit as au pair for 2 years in total
  • You can travel into and out of Norway during the validity of the permit
  • The permit does not form the basis for a permanent residence permit (settlement permit) or family immigration

Renewal of permit

  • As long as you hold a valid residence permit as an au pair, you can submit an application to change host families at any time. This will be considered an application for renewal.
  • If you wish to renew your residence permit as an au pair, you must submit a new application at least one month before your current permit expires.
  • You cannot start working for the new family until your new application for a residence permit has been granted.
  • The application must be submitted to the police district where you live. As a rule, you must submit it in person.
  • The same documentation requirements apply as for first-time applications. However, you may have turned 30.
  • Renewal applications are also subject to a fee.

You can appeal a rejection

Read more about how to appeal a decision at  

For information in Norwegian, please click here..

Exit Clearance in the Philippines

For information about exit clearance in the Philippines, please consult the Philippine Embassy’s in Oslo:

or CFO (